Safety Tips


The Sunday Hug Premium Lounger is created as a parents’ greatest help and assistant in taking care of their babies. We boast of our lounger’s ability to give support and solution to each age-specific period: from infancy to toddlerhood. That being said, it is only right to emphasize on its suitable and appropriate applications as our customers can use it for a long time given its excellent craftsmanship and fabric material composition.

It is emphasized that the Sunday Hug Lounger should not be used as an alternative for a crib or bassinet because of the specificity in the differences of their intended use. In the same line of thought, our loungers should not also be placed inside a crib, cradle, bassinet, or baby cot; nor should they be used as a co-sleeping device to ensure maximum safety.



Parental supervision even with the use of Sunday Hug is greatly encouraged, or in fact - required. A levelled and sturdy or firm surface is needed to lay down the Sunday Hug flat in order to avoid slippage, accidents, and any untoward incidents that might happen. This should also be strictly observed as uneven planes or surfaces (like that of crumpled and rumpled blankets and sheets, or cushioning) will present even the smallest danger.

We need to avoid ALL kinds of risk especially when it comes to our babies. Always be reminded that your baby must be taken out of the Sunday Hug Lounger before you move or go from room to room. The use of the lounger requires full parental supervision. This cannot be stressed enough. Lastly, please be warned not to place the lounger on high or elevated surfaces that are susceptible or prone to dangerous drops or falls.



Sunday Hug adheres to the Safe Sleep Environment Recommendations, Standards, and Practices set down by AAP and CPSC. It was recommended and endorsed that infants should sleep on a sturdy and firm surface that must be covered with a fitted sheet. There must be no additional or soft bedding as this presents serious risks or problems even for infants older than four months.

Never leave your baby unsupervised overnight even with the use of Sunday Hug.


  1. Can the lounger be used inside a crib?

It is advisable not to put anything inside a crib for the baby to sleep with or decorate the crib with. As the Sunday Hug Lounger is padded, infants should not be left unsupervised. Padded Loungers are also not meant to be used by infants overnight.

  1. Is it fine to let my baby fall asleep on the lounger?

It’s natural for babies to sleep almost the whole day (up to 22 hours). They can spend most of their sleeping time on the lounger and it might be a problem to move them when they fall asleep there so parents must be well-reminded to supervise them well for the whole duration of use.

  1. Is it advisable to put the Sunday Hug Lounger inside a Moses Basket?

The functions and uses of the Moses Basket are different from that of the crib or bassinet. There is no risk in doing this as long as parents use it in the daytime when their babies are well-supervised. You must also make sure that the Moses Basket doesn’t squeeze in the sides of the Sunday Hug Lounger.

  1. The padded loungers can be used for co-sleeping, right?

By their very definition in product use, padded loungers are unsupervised; therefore, they are not recommended and advised for co-sleeping use. Moreover, it must be noted that the majority of the loungers produced now don’t come with safety label warnings. Parents must be careful to determine which brand of lounger is safe and best to use.

5. I have been gifted a toddler size baby lounger, can I use it for my newborn?

Infants should not be placed on a toddler size baby lounger as there is enough space in it to roll around. Only use it when your baby is already crawling.