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Sleep Sack
Emi Yamakawa

Sleep Sack

The clothes are beautiful. I like the color.

I bought it for my 3-month old baby. The color is beautiful.

I like it!

My baby is still 2 months old and it's just the right size! I bought it because I wanted to put it on my baby right away. It's a cute and pretty outfit to wear at home or outside.❤️ It's very convenient for diaper change. All you have to do is to open it from the bottom.

It's cute, I can't wait to put it on my baby.

It seems small but I like it!

It's so pretty!! It seems a little smaller than I thought. If you look at the bottom left of the photo, there is something on it but I think it will be erased. I also wanted to buy the brown color but it's a pity that they don't have a stock.

The colors are all beautiful and I'm all ready for autumn! The material is also good. The size seems to be a little bit small and I hope that my baby can wear it long.

I tried one and it's very pretty. I have to buy another color.

I already tried one on my baby. It's very pretty! I want to buy another color.

The thickness is great for indoors wear.

The color is beautiful and the material is soft and the thickness is just right. It's perfect to wear!

There are other colors and when my baby tried them on, they were so beautiful. That's why I bought this color as well. I put it on him when I go out for a while. The color is pretty.

I have twins but their height difference is about 1 height. I bought both the small and medium sizes and they both fit perfectly. ~ For baby clothes, the arms come out just right.

I love the color!

I have a young baby (1 month old) but it's perfect for her.

The colors are really beautiful. They match the autumn season.

It was delivered in one day and I already washed it. ~ I hope it fits my baby beautifully :-)

Thank you for the fast delivery. The color is beautiful.

This fit a two-month old baby well.

The quality is really good and I like the autumn color very much. The size I chose fits my 41-day old baby well.

I received it a little late because of the holidays, but the product is good. ◡̈ It's so cute when I put it on.~~ The size is also just right! I have a 69-day old baby girl who weights 5 kg.