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Love the Idea, sizing is way off

I love the idea of mesh clothing, i live in florida and it get SO HOT. I wish there was mesh pants to keep the heat at bay and also the bugs. I will say the sizing is very small. i ordered the Largest size and it barley fit my 6 month old. I was hoping to get matching outfits for my 6mo and 2 year old.

Baby Swaddle
Jordan Kwong
Baby Swaddle

I love this swaddle for my newborn. I think the way they designed it is awesome because my baby already keeps his arms up and hands by his head. So for him to be snuggled in place and not have to flail his hands in his face is great.

Double Blanket
Nicole Monroe
Soft and adorable

Absolutely love this blanket for my little one!
The color is gorgeous and it’s so soft!!

Best sleep sack!

The fabric is so soft and side zipper makes easy to change diapers without take off. So satisfying!

Sleep Sack
Emi Yamakawa

Sleep Sack

Cute!~~ I really love the color.^^ My baby didn't try it yet because she's not yet born. It's small and so pretty.~ ❤️

My baby is 45-days old so it's perfect for her to wear it now. The season is just right. I am very satisfied.

The color and design are pretty. But I think that changing diapers is not really convenient so I think that my baby should only wear it outdoors whenever we go out. I bought a 3m size but I think it's quite small so she can't wait it for long.

The colors are so pretty. 🥺

It's so cute. I think it's good to wear as an indoors outfit in winter. The hem and stitching are also done well so I don't think the cold air will enter in.

It's so beautiful!

I love the simple style of their products. Please make new products so I can buy more!

The material is good and the color is beautiful. I like it very much!

I'm going to buy a bigger size.

The material is not very soft, but it is soft and elastic to a certain extent.

I bought two. Changing my baby's diaper is very convenient and he looks comfortable. It is very pretty. My baby is only 2 months but I bought a 6m size too because I was thinking that it would shrink after running it through the dryer. However, I was surprised that the size remained the same. I want to buy again!!

I received it a little late because of the holidays, but the product is good. ◡̈ It's so cute when I put it on.~~ The size is also just right! I have a 69-day old baby girl who weights 5 kg.

So cute and pretty haha.

This fit a two-month old baby well.

It's cute. My baby is very well dressed. 🧸

Very pretty!

It was delivered in one day and I already washed it. ~ I hope it fits my baby beautifully :-)

I love the color!

I bought it for my 3-month old baby. The color is beautiful.

I bought a small size and liked it so I bought a large size too!