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comfortable to wear

It's favorite romper.
wear a lot.

Baby Relaxer
Ashley Foo
In love with Sunday Hug Relaxer ❤️

The delivery was fast and is a great surprised for my sister family when receiving the item. The packaging was in good condition which come in the box📦 and relaxer was carefully wrap in plastic. She immediately tried to place her baby on the relaxer and her baby lay down comfortably and stop crying. The softness texture of the relaxer and the bed is cooling designs, made for easy travel for baby. This is a great products ever try to give baby comfortable cushion to lay on 💕

Sleep Sack
Trinh Tang
Super soft

I was so impressed and excited to feel how soft and buttery the sleep sacks were! I really wanted to find a larger replacement for my growing toddler and the size of the XL was great but it shrunk with first wash.

Sleep Sack
Jowin Lo

Sleep Sack

Baby Lounger
Harris Japutra

Baby Lounger

Obsessed with this sleep sack!

I had been using a sleep sack that swaddled my baby’s hands, but with him rolling we needed a new option. I was nervous switching him would disrupt his sleep but this sleep sack is amazing! It’s so soft and thick and hugs him in the right places so he feels like he’s still being snuggled! We’ve been using it for well over a week and he’s finally sleeping through the night!!!!!!

Beautifully made!

Sunday Hug has by far the cutest baby clothes, its buttery soft and my daughter loves it

Bamboo Top and Pants

Super soft and comfy! Love it for my toddler! Definitely getting more!

Mesh sleep sack and cotton sleep sack

My baby has been using Sunday hug zip swaddle since she was born. She used the mesh zip swaddle and cotton zip swaddle.
As she’s about to roll, I am transitioning her to sleep sack. The mesh sleep sack feels itchy to the skin when I tried on my own skin, even after washing with baby detergent. I’m a little disappointed that it is not smooth and soft.
The cotton sleep sack feels soft and smoother to the touch and looks thin enough for Singapore’s humid weather when it’s cold.

Will purchase the cotton sleep sack again!

Dear Thea,

Thank you for reviewing our Baby Sleep Sack. We're very happy that you like our Swaddle too.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In regards to the Mesh Sleep Sack, we created it in a way that it would be soft and breathable on a baby's skin. It's made from 100% premium Korean cotton.

Just like our Mesh Swaddle, the fabric helps regulate body temperature so your baby will not sweat much and get heat rash and skin irritation even during the night. It is our first time to receive a comment about the texture and softness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

All our products have completed the Self-regulatory Safety Certification Test conducted by the Certification Examination Institute in Korea. These are free from harmful chemicals that would cause danger.

Our Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation Application Certificate Number is CB014H419-0004.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We hope that we would be able to serve you better and that you would be 100% satisfied next time.

Thank you for your trust in our brand.

Obsessed ❤️

My daughter’s favorite thing to wear! She usually never likes being wrapped in a blanket but she’s been loving this sleep sack.

My baby is still a long way from being born, but it's 👍 so soft and beautiful.

Sleep Sack

My baby hasn't tried it yet but I think it's going to be useful!

It comes in a large size and can be used on both sides!

Sleep Sack

I bought it right away when I saw it. It's good that it won't come off when kicked.

Oh so cozy 🤍✨

The triple layer bamboo sleep sack is ✨EVERYTHING✨ I’ve been searching for and more. I love that this sleep sack is made of quality bamboo material, so you know it can be washed often without fabric pilling or other signs of wear including staining. I’m so happy with the thickness of the material - I wholeheartedly trust this to keep my toddler all bundled up and warm throughout the winter season. So in love with this!!🤍

Sleep Sack

I like the moderately soft material. I bought it to use instead of a quilt for sleep education.

Baby Swaddle
Ngoc Bao Ha Tran
Good sleep

good quality , my baby loves it

Sleep Sack

My sleep education teacher recommended this sleeping bag, so I bought it!! My baby slept very well on the second day of sleep training, whether it was because she wore this or because the education was good haha. This prevents my baby's feet from getting cold.

Sleep Sack

It's so nice and great in warming up my baby during the cold winter months.

I bought it to use as a swaddle and bath towel. The material is thinner than I thought but it's very soft. The size is also large, so I like it, ^^ I will use it well.

Sleep Sack

I think my baby sleeps better warmly in it. I like it :)

Sleep Sack

It is so good. I bought an X-large but it was too big so I changed it to a large. The exchange process was fast. It's not even thick but my baby is still comfy and protected in it. He's been wearing it since autumn.

Sleep Sack

I bought it while looking for something for my baby to wear instead of a swaddle. I hope he sleeps well even after wearing this.

Sleep Sack

It's soft and good!

Sleep Sack

I like the warm color.