Sunday Hug prioritizes your little ones’ safety and well-being. Their safety is of utmost consideration when designing our products. Please take time to read our message about bed sharing, and open the included links to check our Safety Tips.


A Note About Bed sharing

Due to the recognition of promoting global safety practices in baby products use, it has been decided that the marketing or advertising of our Relaxers and Loungers for bed-sharing or co-sleeping purposes will be discontinued outside of the Korea market.

As a brand that originated from Korea, the practice of bed-sharing has been part of the culture; thus, it is greatly encouraged and promoted. However, we as a brand recognize the reality of cultural differences and what might be true for one (in terms of child rearing practices) - might not be necessarily true in others.

This postponement of bed sharing promotion is indefinite as we await the issuance of, or consensus in terms of global standard practices.