Homewear Vest Description

Homewear Vest

An essential everyday wardrobe item. The vest is made from soft, breathable fabric while keeping the baby warm and cosy on cooler days. Ensures fast dressing of babies and toddlers! Carefully designed to create more freedom of movement for your child.


    Snap Buttons

    • Secure hold & comfortable handling!
    • Simply unbutton the snaps for easy removal.
    • Matte finish buttons: Non slippery feel provides quick & excellent grip.

    100% Premium Korean Cotton

    • Perfect for your baby's delicate skin as it's made up from 100% knitted cotton that is soft & soothing, yet stretchable.
    • High breathability helps prevent overheating while the effective absorption of moisture helps keep moisture away from baby’s skin so your baby will be dry for a longer period.

    Tags Outside

    • Sunday Hug's product tags are all thoughtfully placed outside so it doesn’t irritate baby's skin. It is meant to be cut off as well!

    Non-toxic Products

    • Sunday Hug Baby products only use certified and non-toxic products, including fabrics, zippers, and labels.
    • All the products of Sunday Hug have completed the Self-regulatory Safety Certification Test conducted by the Certification Examination Institute in Korea.
    • Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation Application Certificate No.

    Recommended age usage

    • S: 12~24 months; L: 24 ~ 48 months (2~4 yrs old)