Dual-Angle Lounger Details

Sunday Hug Baby Lounger

The Sunday Hug Dual-Angle Lounger prevents infant acid reflux through its patented dual-angle structure. It is specially designed with the angles of a baby’s body in mind in order to promote comfort.


1. Patented Dual-Angle System

2. Hypoallergenic and Anti-Mite Microfiber

  • Our cloud-like hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill stuffing ensures that the cushion maintains its shape. 

Method of Use

After feeding, lay down the baby on the 25-degree inclined angle surface of the lounger to prevent acid reflux. As your baby grows and their back almost touches the ground, use the flatter 5-degree angle surface of the lounger instead. The hollow centre follows the natural curves of the body and so prevents the baby’s behind from resting almost directly on the floor.

25° Angle Side

The 25-degree angle not only promotes digestion but also provides a sense of security, similar to the experience of being in the mother’s womb. The ideal period of use: newborn to 6 months old (especially for babies who experience infant acid reflux).

5° Flat Angle Side

As the baby grows, their weight can push an ordinary and regular lounger down to a 25-degree angle. This added burden can be felt on the baby's back. Sunday Hug’s Lounger is designed to lessen this pressure with a flatter angle that is more comfortable for your baby.