Designed for families

At Sunday Hug, we believe that the moments spent  with your family are the most precious and valuable.

Through our beautifully-designed products,  we aim to make the everyday extraordinary for all family members.

Make Sunday Hug part of your daily life with your family

Our Mission

Family Lifestyle

Sunday Hug is more than just a baby product brand.

We know that you have many roles and responsibilities. We aim that our brand will be part of your daily life where all family members can play their part and enjoy everyday life.

We plan products and services with the philosophy that family is the priority.

Our Values

We believe our everyday choices can make a difference in the world for families

  • Simple & Purposeful Design 

    Sunday Hug pursues a simple and purposeful design rather than following the trend. We design products that's memorable for a long time.

  • Exceptional quality

    All of Sunday Hug's products are planned and produced with safety in mind, down to the smallest detail.

    We design and create each product from scratch, from planning to manufacturing.

    For the best quality, we develop our products with extreme care for every detail.

  • Ethical Growth

    Sunday Hug believes that our future generations have the right to enjoy 

    the beauty of life.

    We are doing our best to plan, develop and design our products in the most responsible way to create an ethical working environment and sustainable future. 

Our products

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