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Sunday Hug Baby Clothes for Every Stage of Development

Sunday Hug is a brand of baby products that focuses on the most important part of a child's development: the bond between parent and child. Parents know how important it is to have the right clothes for their kids—after all, these are what keeps them warm, comfortable and happy. We're here to help you create the perfect bond with your babies. We do this by providing high-quality clothes for babies and toddlers that are super soft, comfy and cute as can be.

The infant life cycle is a precarious one. Parents have their work cut out for them because they need to be armed with quality baby essentials that can help them in this very sensitive stage of a baby's growth.

At Sunday Hug, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right clothes for your baby especially when they're so young and still growing. We just launched a collection of baby essentials that can help parents care for and nurture their infants until they hit the toddler stage.

From our premium Swaddle to Wearable Blankets, we have everything you need for every stage of your baby’s growth!

The designs of our clothes are simple and classic—featuring colors that will never go out of style. Our products are designed by parents like you who believe that every child deserves the best start in life.

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This collection will be your must-haves for your baby’s first year!

Let’s explore the Sunday Hug Collection and learn how each of the pieces benefits your baby particularly when it comes to developmental growth.

1. Swaddle Blanket: Wrap your baby in a cocoon of comfort and warmth to soothe and relax them.

Usage: Newborn Stage up to 2 Months

The Sunday Hug Swaddle Blanket has been designed to be used from birth, making it a must-have for all parents. Made of 100% cotton fabric with a touch of stretch for comfort, it is soft and gentle on a baby's skin. The large size makes this blanket suitable for swaddling newborns until the tender age of 2 months.

The Sunday Hug Baby Swaddle Blanket prevents your baby against their natural startle or Moro reflex, which means better sleep for both of you! It also helps them feel more secure in their new environment by reminding them of being in the womb and providing comfort throughout the night.

Since swaddling protects your baby against their natural startle reflex, our snug Swaddle Blanket keeps him in a comfortable position, allowing him to relax and drift off to sleep on his own. We created a better way of swaddling with this very convenient blanket!

We only use premium quality materials to ensure that each blanket feels soft against your baby's skin. In addition, our blanket is also a product of high-quality stitching so that your blanket will last through many washes without fraying or tearing at all!

baby being swaddled

2. 100 Day Set: Daytime Baby Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Usage: 0 to 100 Days from Birth

The Sunday Hug 100 Day Set is a product that proudly shows our origins. This baby set features a traditional Korean design that you can’t find anywhere else!
Perfect for the modern parent looking for something simple yet stylish, the 100 Day Set instantly upgrades your little one’s style as it is perfect to use during daytime. This is recommended to use when your little one starts scratching himself or herself because of the inclusion of soft baby mittens.

The 100 Day Set features the following items:

- Cap: With straps that you can tie underneath your baby’s chin. The cap effectively keeps your baby's head warm and its softness will not irritate your child's skin.

- Shirt: Inspired by traditional Korean clothing. The shirt is made with an ultra soft cotton fabric and creates a comfortable fit. It’s a perfect addition to your baby’s wardrobe during his or her first 100 days!

- Mittens: This prevents your baby from scratching his face. These are warm and cozy and will keep your baby's sweet little hands toasty.

- Booties: Protects the sensitive feet of your baby. It is not too tight so as not to restrict the growth of your baby's feet while comfortable at the same time for whole-day use.

The soft material of the 100 Day Set keeps your child warm during cold days and nights, providing warmth for his or her delicate skin. This premium quality clothing set is made using only the finest materials, so you can be sure it will last for months.

With an eye on fashion and quality, we're able to provide you with this baby outfit that is comfortable, durable and stylish.

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3. Swaddle: Calms and soothes babies especially at nighttime.

Usage: 2 to 9 Months


As one of our most popular products, the premium Sunday Hug Baby Swaddle is a favorite of parents around the globe! Many mothers swear by its ability to keep babies in a deep, comfortable restful sleep for a long time. A modern, more convenient way of swaddling is now possible with this flagship product of ours. The unique design has been proven to calm babies by mimicking the womb environment as closely as possible with minimal motion restriction.
Like the Swaddle Blanket, the Sunday Hug Swaddle provides a full coverage of the baby's arms and legs to prevent the Moro Reflex like the Swaddle Blanket. Our design prevents babies from suddenly waking up and developing bad sleep habits. Simply put, our swaddles help your baby sleep better, longer, and more deeply so they get a happy start in life.

In addition to being incredibly effective at keeping babies asleep for hours, the unique fabric stretches and moves with your little one so he or she can stay safe even as they wriggle for comfort. Meanwhile, the two-way zipper makes diaper changes easy peasy: no more having to wake up your baby and disturb his sleep. Also, if your baby feels hot during daytime, simply unzip the bottom part of the swaddle and quickly cool them down by letting fresh air in.

babies lying together

We have two kinds of baby swaddles: mesh and modal. The combination of 40% modal and 60% cotton makes the fabric airy as it also absorbs moisture easily making it ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin. It can be used in an air-conditioned room. On the other hand, your baby can use our mesh swaddle when you go outside. Perfect for hot and humid environments, our swaddle maintains air circulation around your baby to keep him feeling cool all day long. This breathable mesh fabric works by releasing heat effectively through the pores of this fabric.

The soft Sunday Hug Swaddles are designed to be used over and over again because these are gentle to babies’ fragile skin, yet durable and strong. Carefully crafted to promote sleep, it’s a must-have for every new mom!

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4. Sleep Sack: A parent's sleep training partner.

Usage: 6 to 24 Months


As the perfect baby essential to transition out of swaddling clothes, the Sunday Hug Sleep Sacks allow your baby to use their arms freely to return to a back-on-the-crib position after they start to roll over. Made from ultra soft cotton, this sleep sack is a sure winner for babies up to 24 months.

It allows your baby freedom of movement in non-dangerous ways as it doesn’t restrict the arms and the baby can turn over easily. The Sleep Sack is a safe, cozy and practical alternative to loose blankets in the crib or bassinet. It keeps the baby or toddler warm without the danger of suffocation or strangulation.

In addition, the Sunday Hug Sleep Sacks help regulate body temperature, keeping babies comfortable during their long nights of restful sleep. These are made of lightweight and breathable fabrics and the clothing is designed for your toddler to wear all night long. It cannot be easily taken off unlike blankets that end up being kicked off or removed through the night.


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Since our Sleep Sacks have plenty of room for your little one to grow into, it’ll last until they can tell you what they want for dinner!

It can be challenging when you’re trying to get your little one into their own bed at naptime or before they go down for the night. Sleep sacks help with sleep training because they give your child a chance to associate the feeling of wearing a sleep sack with going to sleep. This helps them develop healthy habits around falling asleep in the future which makes for easier nights ahead!


5. Wearable Blanket: For toddlers on the go.

Usage: 12 to 36 Months


When your child reaches their first birthday, they need versatile clothing that can protect them whenever they go out to play. The Sunday Hug Wearable Blanket is designed for toddlers that are always on the go. The soft fabric is extremely comfortable to wear. It can be used inside the home or outdoors, at day care, on long car rides or airplane flights, and for daytime naps or nighttime sleep.

The material is soft, fluffy, and warm—perfect for a baby's delicate skin. The inside is designed to help regulate the toddler’s temperature, keeping them warm without overheating them so much that it might cause sweating. This layer of clothing provides the necessary amount of thickness to protect your child from outside elements while still being lightweight enough for your dear one to be comfortable in any season. Because of this, the Sunday Hug Wearable Blanket has given new meaning to the term "snug as a bug in a rug".

Our Wearable Blanket is made of 100% Premium Korean cotton and has a triple-layered quilted fabric. The layers are breathable and thin to allow freedom of movement while giving a comfy, cozy feel to your child. This quilted insulation that prevents overheating at the same time is a quality unique to the Sunday Hug Wearable Blanket! The breathability it offers is a welcome characteristic when you're dealing with small children who tend to get sweaty when they're active!




Lastly, the non-toxic snap buttons have a secure hold and are not loose or flimsy. We at Sunday Hug pride ourselves in making safe baby products that will last through years to come.

We take the safety and wellbeing of our children very seriously. For this reason, we have chosen to make our products out of fabrics and materials that have been thoroughly tested to make sure that no presence of dangerous chemicals are found.

Each product is made with care using high-quality materials for both comfort and durability. Not only are we in it for the long run, but we want you to be too!


Sunday Hug: Bringing quality baby products that will last for years to come.


From swaddle to wearable blankets, we've got your baby covered from head to toe! Our products are designed with your little one's comfort in mind, with all-around stretchiness and breathability. We've even got baby clothing for cold and warm climates to make sure that your little one is protected throughout all seasons.

You'll never have to worry about our products causing skin irritation as they're made with nontoxic raw materials and other safe components. No more worrying about that adorable outfit giving your baby an uncomfortable rash!


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Growth spurts, diaper explosions, and the overall messiness of babyhood can be a lot for a parent to deal with. But there's one thing that can make the days easier: our collection of baby clothes that is perfect for every growing stage of your little one.

When it comes to comfort, our clothes are made with some of the softest fabrics available today. The result is an incredible selection of adorable baby clothes that will make you want to bundle up your children every day.

No matter what age or stage of your baby you're shopping for—you'll find exactly what you need at Sunday Hug.