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Sunday Hug Baby Sleep Sack: Great Addition to the Wardrobe

The Sunday Hug Sleep Sack is a great addition to your child's wardrobe. Not only is it made from 100% cotton, it is also designed to be comfortable and safe for babies who can already roll-over and have grown beyond using swaddles. Our Sleep Sack is lightweight enough to use throughout the year, but perfect for those extra-cold nights when your child needs just a little more warmth.

The Sunday Hug Sleep Sack is more than just a sleep sack—it's an essential clothing that helps your baby sleep safely and comfortably in any season.

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What are the Benefits of Using the Sunday Hug Sleep Sack? 

1. Breathable and Maintains Body Temperature

Our breathable cotton material keeps your baby at the right temperature all night long unlike blankets or sweaters that can become too warm for your child in the summer or doesn’t provide enough heat in winter.

The Sleep Sack fabric allows air to circulate and prevents overheating. It is soft enough against your baby's skin to keep them cozy and comfortable (this makes it a better choice than using a regular sleep blanket).

While you can keep your baby warm with a light blanket at night, sometimes the wrong kind of covering can lead to overheating and discomfort. Thick blankets might lead to the overheating of a toddler’s body especially if she's in an enclosed crib or bassinet. On the flip side, if you use a thin blanket, your baby might get cold without enough protection from the elements.

Instead of having to deal with blankets and bedding that are too thick or too thin, parents can simply tuck their little one into a cozy Sunday Hug Sleep Sack and know they'll wake up to a happy, well-rested toddler in the morning.

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2. Allow Maximum Movement While Keeping Your Child Comfortable 

The soft and stretchy fabric of the Sunday Hug Sleep Sack fabric ensures that your child will feel cozy while also allowing for easy movement when rolling over or moving in their sleep. It's comforting to know that the fabric will be able to stretch overnight if need be.

A benefit of the sleeveless design is that it allows air to circulate inside the clothing and it doesn’t also hinder your child from moving as needed. This allows your child’s arms to have a full range of motion.

The closed-ended bottom part of the Sleep Sack is comfortable without being too restrictive of movement. This secure enclosure around the legs allows healthy physical development especially during important growth spurts.

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3. A Great Sleep Training Assistant 

Proper sleep is essential to healthy development and growth in babies but it can be difficult to achieve. The right environment is one of the key factors to ensuring that a baby gets a good night's rest, and for many parents, that means keeping their child comfortable enough.

Cotton Baby Sleep Sacks are an easy way to help your baby maintain a comfortable temperature at night. The Sunday Hug Sleep Sacks use lightweight fabric and feature arm holes to increase air flow while still maintaining warmth from the body's natural heat. This makes it an ideal sleep training help as your child is likely to fall asleep since he is very comfortable.

Parents can be sure that their baby will not wiggle out of his or her Sleep Sack throughout the night. Expertly crafted from only premium materials and made with care by experts who understand the needs of growing babies makes this product an excellent choice for your little one's safe and healthy sleeping environment.

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4. Stays on Through the Night 

Babies often kick off their blankets at night but our Sleep Sacks won't come off! Acting as a lightweight but warm alternative to your sheets, the Sunday Hug Sleep Sack will stay on through the night.

Since the bottom part of the Sleep Sack is closed, there’s nothing for your baby to kick off, reducing the chance that they’ll get cold or wake up entirely. The loose fit of our Sleep Sack keeps the child from feeling confined, while the stretchy fabric around the bottom offers a snug (but not too snug) fit that prevents it from riding up during sleep.

The unique design makes the Sunday Hug an important part of the bedtime routine. You know that your child is always dressed appropriately for sleep because there is no danger of them coming uncovered when they kick off their blanket.
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There are no more sleepless nights spent pulling blankets off kids and re-tucking them in all night long. If there is any movement at all, the toddler still stays covered and warm throughout his or her sleep cycle because of the secure fit.

Sleepless nights are quickly replaced with peaceful ones once you've made the transition to the Sunday Hug Sleep Sack. Your toddler will be able to fall asleep faster so both you and your toddler can get the rest you need!

5. Big Enough to Use Until Your Child's Second Birthday 

It's a great addition to your child's wardrobe, and it's an item that will give them years of use as they grow—it comes in sizes from 6 months all the way up to 24 months!

The size of the Sunday Hug Sleep Sack makes it easy to use year after year. Your child can wear it when they first start using a crib, and they can wear the larger size when they transition into a toddler bed or a big kid bed. Its large size range makes it ideal for extended use—in fact, it's made from a soft cotton fabric that will give your child many months of comfortable rest.

It's going to be an incredibly useful part of their wardrobe as they grow up!

6. Made from Soft but Durable Materials 

By using only the best fabrics, the Sunday Hug Sleep Sacks are able to retain their quality and last for years of use. The material is very soft which makes it comfortable for toddlers who have sensitive skin. The Sleep Sack's fabric is also 100% machine washable, making it easy to clean when needed. It is so easy to care for and will last through many washings and “wearings”.

The sewing process done in creating the Sunday Hug Sleep Sack is meticulous and thorough. From the stitching to the seams, each Sleep Sack is carefully examined before leaving our factory. Made with luxe fabric, it keeps babies comfortable and happy.

The seams of our Sleep Sacks are sewn in such a way that they won't unravel or fray, and the cotton fabric is sturdy enough to hold up to regular wear but soft enough to be comfortable on a toddler’s sensitive body.


7. Free from Harmful Chemicals and Made with the Finest Non-toxic Raw Materials 

Made with safe, natural fibers and no harmful chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that your baby will be as comfortable as they can be in the Sunday Hug Sleep Sack.

Unlike other sleep sacks on the market, our products are safe for your child's sensitive skin. The fabric won't cause allergic reactions. The softest of fabrics is used in this product collection to ensure that your baby's skin remains safe from irritation that can be caused by rougher materials and threads.

The Sunday Hug Sleep Sack has no harmful chemicals, contains no flame retardants, fragrances, rubber chemicals, and petroleum-based products.

8. Stylish 

The Sunday Hug Sleep Sack is the perfect, practical gift for a parent. Its modern and classy style fits any nursery or child bedroom. The neutral colors look great with just about any decor.

Its simple design makes it convenient to be worn with matching outfits or under blankets. One size fits all and there are a variety of colors to choose from!

9. Versatile and Convenient to Use 

This Sleep Sack delivers the comforts of home to your child wherever you are. Whether it's at daycare, grandma's house or on an airplane, the comfortable cuddly design helps your child relax, fall asleep and stay asleep.

The Sunday Hug team knows that sometimes your baby needs to be a little extra cozy to get quality rest. That's why we provide the perfect blend of style and comfort with our Sleep Sacks.

With its high-quality construction and versatile design, you'll find that this product is perfect for any occasion or situation. It's ideal for sleep, playtime, travel, and more!

toddler wearing a sleep sack
Children who wear quality Sleep Sacks wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead, instead of groggy from tossing and turning all night. The soft material and breathable construction of the Sunday Hug Sleep Sack keeps your little one snug and comfortable, allowing them to relax and fall asleep quickly.

The Sunday Hug Sleep Sack is just that—a giant hug for your child. It's a snug, warm cocoon that keeps them cozy and protected from the elements. When your baby or toddler feels happy and safe, he or she can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Quality sleep means more energy throughout the day; it promotes healthy cognitive function, mood, appetite, and physical development.

We highly recommend the Sunday Hug Sleep Sack to all parents who want their toddlers to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead!
toddler wearing a sleep sack