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How Do I Buy Baby Products Wisely?

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There is a saying that 'parenting is item washing'. It means that if you purchase the right childcare products, you can get a lot of help in raising children. However, it is difficult for parents purchase all the items they might want for economic reasons or simply because of a limited amount of space. Today, I'm going to introduce some tips for buying baby products wisely.

How do I buy baby products wisely?

1. There are always new items for childcare products, so don’t buy them too soon.

There are people who pre-purchase too many items just because they are preparing for childbirth. But as the child grows, new parenting items pour in. Even after a year, baby product trends change little by little. It is recommended to purchase baby products 1-3 months before your child actually uses them.


If necessary, postpartum care centres can also order items for you using courier delivery. Don't worry too much about preparing everything at once!

2. Toys can be borrowed.

Children grow up very quickly. A toy that was fun yesterday can be a boring toy today. Check out the 'toy library' locations in your area to see what's available online. There are also private rental companies. If you pay a certain fee, you can use the product for a given period.

3. Things to inherit vs things to buy new.

There are childcare products that you can inherit and childcare products that you must buy. Clothing, bouncers, mobiles and toys, books, etc. are good items to inherit. Especially in the case of outerwear, if you inherit it, you can use it to your heart's content. Buy new feeding supplies or items that will fit in your baby's mouth. It is difficult to recycle teethers, baby bottles, breastfeeding-related products, medicines, and nutritional supplements.


4. Make a gift list!

We get a lot of questions about maternity gifts before childbirth, or gifts for 100 days ahead of the 100th. These days, it is often the case that parents are directly asked, “what do you want for a baby gift?” It is also a good idea to think about a list of gifts by price in advance and give them a little hint. Diapers, underwear, and wet tissue boxes are okay. If you do not want a gift or the size of the clothes is not correct for various reasons, it is also a good idea to exchange them.

5. Check out the second-hand market.

Check out second-hand markets, such as your local second-hand market and online second-hand goods exchange. Baby products are easy to find in the second-hand market. However, you need to be careful about frauds when dealing with used items. It is also a good idea to research the person you are buying from and stay on the safe side, as some people have a history of fraud or are trying to trade directly for expensive items.

6. Test cosmetics, wipes, and samples.

You can receive samples of cosmetics, wet tissues, and so on. In many cases, samples can be requested online or provided to attendees of a maternity class. Depending on the skin condition of your child, the wet tissue or cosmetics that fit well may be different for your child compared to others. In this case, it is helpful to use a sample first to help you choose a product. Even for children born with more resilient skin, the more samples, the better. They are useful to have with you when you travel.

7. Buy bulky furniture products in advance.

There is bulky furniture such as cribs and baby chests of drawers. If you plan to decorate the nursery, it is better to prepare in advance. For furniture, the smell of new furniture can last for weeks. Therefore, it is important to purchase furniture in advance and ventilate the room frequently.

8. Consider overseas direct purchase.

For baby clothes, baby detergent, etc. from overseas brands, turn your eyes to overseas direct purchase. You might be able to purchase famous childcare products at a lower price. You can purchase directly through overseas brands' own websites, but you can also use 'agent sites' if it is difficult to purchase overseas directly. However, the size of baby clothes is often different in different countries, so you need to compare the actual size.

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Author: Lee Ji-hyun

- A Secondary School Level 2 Teacher Certificate
- As a real mother of a child, she ponders specific parenting tips between reality and theory. She has worked as an educational civic activist and freelance journalist.