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4 Ways to Get Along with a Postpartum Care Assistant

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A 'postpartum assistant' is a professional who helps mothers to do postpartum care at home during the postpartum period (6-8 weeks after childbirth).

These are those who have completed specialised education on newborn baby care, postpartum care, and a healthy diet, and their activities are different from housekeepers. When choosing a postpartum assistant, many mothers have similar concerns: “Can I get along well with my postpartum helper? I tend to be shy, is it okay to bring a stranger into my house?”

Of course, it would be great to meet a postpartum helper with the right personality, but minor frictions with new people do occur. Today, for new parents, I'm going to talk about how to get along with a postpartum assistant. It's hard to open your heart, but when you do childcare together, you might find a very reliable postpartum helper! How can you build a good relationship with them?

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4 Ways to Get Along with a Postpartum Assistant

1. Acknowledge the 'adaptation period'.

No matter how 'professional postpartum helper' you are, you need to establish a relationship with the first family you visit and the mother you meet for the first time. This is because we do not know what one another likes, what we can be OK with, and what we dislike. It is good to be aware in advance that the first three or four days can be awkward with each other. At this time, it is not necessary to include only the parts you do not like, but to speak honestly.