The Sunday Hug Lounger and Relaxer are designed to maximize parents’ child-rearing convenience, comfort, and security. Our loungers and relaxers are known to be a great help to new parents as they can rest assured that their precious babies are in our loungers’ safe embrace.

While this is true, it is also important to take note of the fact that babies should not be left unsupervised in a room when using the Sunday Hug Lounger and Relaxer.

The importance of ensuring your baby’s safety while observing crib safety practices cannot be stressed enough especially at night. Please keep in mind that loungers and relaxers are NOT MEANT to be used as replacements for a crib safe environment. This is especially true for long hours of sleep.

Kindly take note of the following points:
Baby Lounger and Relaxer Safety Tips (please follow strictly):

  • Don’t leave your baby unattended even in the whole duration of the Baby Lounger and Relaxer use.
  • Don’t use or place in a crib or other sleep apparatus or device.
  • The Sunday Hug Lounger and Baby Relaxer should not be placed or used on soft, uneven or bumpy surfaces.
  • These should not be utilized together with other sleeping devices as the lounger and relaxer pose a risk due to their padded sides.
  • The importance of having a crib with a fitted sheet for sleeping at night guarantees the best safety and protection for the baby.

For more information about Safety, please click here.