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Childbirth Preparation: Recommended Items for Maternity Bag

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Throughout your pregnancy, you may continue to search for a list of the maternity preparations or maternity bag preparations you should be making. Today, in addition to the basic, well-known maternity bag preparations, we would like to go one step further and look at maternity bag preparations that help mothers prepare for childbirth, postpartum recovery, and even help with child rearing. What are some tips for packing such a bag and making a maternity bag that will help you prepare in advance?

Preparations for Maternity Bags, Recommended Items, and Reasons

1. It's okay not to be too perfect when looking for newborn clothes or supplies.

If you look at the list of maternity bags, there are many stories about how to prepare baby clothes perfectly. After having a baby, they receive a lot of baby clothes as a birthday gift. Babies often regurgitate breast milk or formula, so they need to wash and change their clothes often, but they also grow so fast that it is better to prepare an appropriate amount according to your washing habits and purchase additional clothing only if necessary.

Tip: Of course, you need a bottle when you're formula feeding, but also when you're breastfeeding, for when you're storing expressed breast milk or carrying out mixed breastfeeding. However, it is better to buy only what you need than to buy a lot at once. This is because your baby's preferred formula/bottle may be change over time or be different to what you expected.

2. There are a lot of cases where the preparations for the maternity bag are mainly for baby products, but don't forget the maternity preparations for the mother's health!

Breastfeeding Mothers Baby Wrist Rest (Left) / Dako Pelvic Belt (Right)

For natural delivery, the mother's body secretes a hormone called relaxin from the middle to the second half of pregnancy. The relaxin hormone loosens the bonds in the pubic joint to aid in delivery, but also weakens other joint areas. This relaxin hormone decreases again around 4 months after childbirth. Therefore, as well as taking good care of the baby during postpartum care, preparations to protect the weakened joints of the mother are essential. It is a good idea to pack a pelvic belt for correcting a loose and twisted pelvis after childbirth along with wrist guards, essential items for childbirth preparations.


When sitting or getting up, do not place your wrists on the floor or get up suddenly. It is very important to get into the habit of protecting your joints in the early stages of childbirth!

3. From childbirth preparation to postpartum recovery, choose a tea that is good for pregnant women and increase water intake.

It is good to develop a habit of drinking water for breastfeeding and postpartum recovery. However, it can be difficult to drink fresh water from time to time, so it is good to take care of your body and mind by drinking tea that is caffeine-free from pregnancy to postpartum and postpartum recovery. It is even better if this tea is also good for pregnant women.

Rooibos tea is a famous tea for pregnant women's tea to produce clear amniotic fluid during pregnancy. It is loved by not only mothers but also as a healthy drink for the whole family. Recently, as it became known that the British princess enjoyed drinking it for easy childbirth, Raspberry Lift is also gaining a lot of love as a tea for pregnant women. Raspberry Lift contains ingredients that help strengthen the uterine wall and pelvic muscle, so if you drink it consistently during the second half of pregnancy, it reduces labour time by an average of 9.59 minutes during childbirth and prevents unnecessary external intervention and excessive bleeding. That's why this is called 'birth preparation tea' or 'easy childbirth tea', and many people drink it as part of their preparation for childbirth, as it helps with discharge and postpartum recovery.


Safety is very important. Be sure to check that the product is caffeine-free, HACCP certified, and organic.

4. If you plan to breastfeed, there are things you need to bring.

Breast pumps and nursing cushions are usually provided at postpartum care centers, so they are not needed right away, but they are one of the childbirth preparations you need to prepare for while you are at home. For chest pain relief and cooling care during breastfeeding, it is convenient to use cream and a nipple protector. It also helps to drink a breast milk promotion tea.

5. Please bring the necessary materials for the person who will help you with childbirth and child rearing.

Who will you be living with? If you are a husband, bring your spouse's supplies, and if your parents help you, bring your parents' supplies together in advance. It is better to keep supplies for your spouse separately from the bag containing maternal and baby items. This is to reduce discomfort when moving.

Items helpful for postpartum recovery may vary depending on the method of childbirth Postpartum recovery methods may vary slightly depending on the birth method, so please take this into consideration when packing your childbirth preparations.

If you have had a natural childbirth, taking a maternity pad, perineum cushion, perineum spray, and raspberry lift together as childbirth preparations can help relieve pain in the perineum, reduce discharge, and improve postpartum recovery. The perineal spray can be sprayed on the painful area whenever necessary or mixed with the sitz bath water when taking a sitz bath.

When giving birth by cesarean section, it is good to prepare a cesarean section scar prevention sheet to help the scars heal quickly and prevent scarring. In addition, there may be abdominal pain, so it is recommended to prepare a postpartum belt along with it.


A maternity pad for discharge and cotton underwear with good ventilation are commonly required.

6. It's good to have at least one organic multi-balm item. 

ⓒ Perineal Recovery Calm Down Spray / Dako Postpartum Bandage / F sheet Cesarean Section Scar Sheet

Life as a breastfeeding mother is harder than you think. This is because breastfeeding calls come every two hours. Even if you prepare each cosmetic separately, it may be difficult to use it for its intended purpose. Therefore, it is good to have an organic multi-balm product that both babies and mothers can use with confidence. Try using items that are effective for diaper rash, baby cough, baby sweat bands, and can also be used, for example, as a mother's lip balm.


What is your basic checklist? Bib / nappy jacket / hand wraps / foot wraps / newborn baby hat / underwear / space suit / socks / outer wrap / inner wrap / baby bed / newborn pillow / diaper organizer / baby carrier / stroller / car seat / neck cushion / thermo-hygrometer / baby bath / baby lotion / cosmetics / bouncer / mobile / focus book / soother / pacifier / baby mat / rattle / attachment doll / gauze handkerchief / wet wipes / new baby cotton swab / nail clippers / baby bottle / milk storage pack / baby bottle cleaner and bottle brush /baby bottle steriliser/ nursing cushion / etc.

Author: Jihye Park
- She has been in the business of handling pregnancy, childbirth and childbirth products for a long time, and is a mother of a 5-year-old.
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