Sunday Hug
Thailand Launching

Designed by parents for families

As parents who understand the importance of choosing the best baby products for newborns, Sunday Hug was established to meet the needs for quality baby goods that are especially made for babies’ sensitive skin and body without compromising the price and quality.

The fear of parents when it comes to baby items that can irritate and hurt their newborn’s sensitive skin is not unfounded. Since the skin is the human body’s first level of defense against the outside world, it is natural for parents to give baby products like baby clothes, baby loungers, and baby towels utmost consideration when choosing must-have baby items in the market.

To lessen your fears (and also assure ourselves that we’re using the best baby products there are), we developed a brand that removes the greatest worries and concerns when it comes to parenting.

The best selling Swaddle in Korea

Moro Reflex Prevention

The Sunday Hug Baby Swaddle prevents newborn babies' Moro Reflex by giving the baby a sense of physical and emotional stability like that of a Mother’s Womb.

Featured products

dual Lounger

The Sunday Hug Dual Lounger prevents infant acid reflux through its patented dual-angle structure.


Double Blanket

Sunday Hug's Double Blanket is made with locally sourced Premium Cotton and top grade embossed fleece. Thoughtfully crafted with detailed design,it is one of a kind on the market



By tightly wrapping baby's arms and legs, the sudden wake-ups caused by the Moro Reflex are prevented.


Sunday hug catalogue

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