Baby Relaxer

Ergonomics Design
(i) Quadruple Division

  • Prevents cotton clumping on one side, distributing baby’s body pressure evenly. 
(ii) Air Circulation for Fever Prevention
  • The free-flow of air prevents fever, maintaining your baby’s normal temperature. 
(iii) Integrated with Anti-Acid Reflux Pillow
  • Our relaxer has an elevated area which acts as a pillow, eliminating the need for a separate. 
(iv) Prevents Risk of Infant Suffocation
  • Features a slightly-elevated bumper at the right height to prevent infant suffocation. 
  • Help babies easily relax with a sense of security. 
  • Sunday Hug Baby Relaxer will not cover the baby’s face, even if they are highly mobile. 
Premium Fabric
  • Sunday Hug uses 100% Korean premium cotton that has undergone antimicrobial treatment.
Three-dimensional (3D) Net Structures
  • Promotes air circulation to prevent overheating. 
  • The innovative fabric provides excellent cushioning, making sure that babies experience the ultimate comfort. 
  • The highly cushioned structure ensures longevity due to its resilience.
    Non-toxic products
      • Sunday Hug Baby products only use certified and non-toxic products, including fabrics, zippers, and labels. 
      • All the products of Sunday Hug have completed the Self-regulatory Safety Certification Test conducted by the Certification Examination Institute in Korea.
      • Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation Application Certificate No.: CB014H419-0003
      Recommended age usage
      • Newborn ~ 18months