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Swaddle (Mesh) | Daily Cream

Baby Swaddle (Mesh)

  • Excellent breathability as its a well ventilated fabric and is excellent for sweat absorption.
  • Perfect for day-time usage or during warm weathers.
  • Material: 98% Premium Korean Cotton, 2% Nylon
Two-way Zipper 
  • Zippers attached at both top and bottom making it easy to open in both directions.
  • Simple to use, making night-time diaper changes easier.
 Moro Reflex Prevention 
  • Unique design-covering legs and arms of the baby prevents sudden wake-up caused by Moro Reflex.
Non-toxic products
    • Sunday Hug Baby products only use certified and non-toxic products, including fabrics, zippers, and labels. 
    • All the products of Sunday Hug have completed the Self-regulatory Safety Certification Test conducted by the Certification Examination Institute in Korea.
    • Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation Application Certificate No.: 
    Recommended age usage
    • Small : 0 ~ 3 months, 6-15(lb) / 3-7(kg)
    • Large : 3 ~ 12 months,15-26(lb) / 7-12(kg)
      Sunday Hug Swaddle
      The dimensions are based on one side according to the measurement position.

      <swipe table to see more> 
      Size Small
      Height 22.8 (inch)  /  58 (cm)
      26.8 (inch)  /  68 (cm)
      12.2 (inch)  /  31 (cm)
      13.8 (inch)  /  35 (cm)
      2.8 (inch)  /  7 (cm)
      3.2 (inch)  /  8 (cm)
      11.8 (inch)  /  30 (cm)
      13.4 (inch)  /  34 (cm)
      7.8 (inch)  /  20 (cm)
      9.44 (inch)  /  24 (cm)
      12.2 (inch)  /  31 (cm)
      13.4 (inch)  /  34 (cm)
      12.2 (inch)  /  31 (cm)
      13.4 (inch)  /  34 (cm)

      There may be an error of 0.4 to 0.6 (inch) / 1 to 1.5 (cm).
      The size chart is a measure of one side.

       Washing Instructions

      • Suitable for machine and hand washing
      • Gentle wash cycle with water below 30°c is recommended to prevent damage of the cotton filler (for products with cushion). 
      • Do not use bleach.
      • Do not tumble dry.
      • To maintain the product’s shape, it is recommended that a laundry net is used.  


      • Product color might slightly differ due to different device settings.
      • Slight dimension differences of 1-2cm may occur due to different manual measurements.

      Moro Reflex Prevention

      By tightly wrapping baby's arms and legs, the sudden wake-ups caused by the Moro Reflex are prevented.

      Sunday Hug Swaddle

      Two-way Zipper

      Natural Modal Fabric

      Made of natural Modal fabric, Sunday Hug's Swaddle is airy and absorbs moisture easily. This is important as it can reduce irritation to the baby's delicate skin. For babies with sensitive skin, our swaddle which uses locally sourced Premium Korean Cotton, is particularly suitable.

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