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Baby Development In The First 3 Months - What Should You Expect?

A swaddled baby sleeping.


From birth to 3 months, what is baby development like? We have compiled a list of things your child will start to do during this time!

Motor Development

- Newborn reflexes appear.

- They can open both hands easily.

- They can lie on their back and extend their legs alternately.

- They can lift their head from a prone position for about 1 minute.

- Lift their head to sit for a moment.

- As their joints develops, they gain the power to swing their arms or kick their legs.

- They can grab an object by holding it in their hand.

- It's still hard to control their head.

IMPORTANT POINT: Keep the head centered when holding the child, especially when they are younger than three months. When lying down, they will start to be able to lift their head and chest by themselves by about three months of age.

Language development

- Cooing (previously babbling) sounds.

- Expressing their request through 'crying'.

- Responds to familiar sounds.

- They laugh out loud.

- Distinguish and respond to speech sounds and other sounds.

- Respond to speech sounds indiscriminately.

- Make eye contact with the person speaking.

IMPORTANT POINT: They will start to be more aware of the sounds around them and learn to smile socially. Make sure you respond by smiling back to help in baby development.

Cognitive Development

- Respond to sounds.

- Eyes move along as objects move.

- Responsive to sounds and noises.

- Able to stop gaze or movement due to external stimuli.

Emotional Development

- Begins to be interested in the surrounding environment little by little and shows interest and curiousity.

- Open to stimuli.

- Responds to people with a smile.

Social Development

- This is the period when basic emotions are differentiated.

- Stares into the face of the primary caregiver.

- Smile socially.

- Responsive to human voice.

 IMPORTANT POINT: A three-month-old baby will be able to recognise and respond to the face of their primary caregiver.


Author: Jisoo Lee, Kindergarten Teacher

- Based on early childhood education theory and practical experience,
she introduces ways to get along with children.