Baby Relaxer - Large Details

  • Sunday Hug Baby Relaxer (Large)


    1. Bigger, More Convenient Size for Long-term Use

    • The extra-large size means it is great for keeping your child snug and secure during their nap and play time.

    2. Removable Covers - Different Colors to Choose From!

    • The removable covers make washing and changing more convenient.

    3. Premium Fabric

    • Sunday Hug uses 100% Korean premium cotton that has undergone antimicrobial treatment.

    4. Compact and Portable

    • Lightweight.
    • Features a strong, durable handle.

    5. Non-toxic Products

    • Sunday Hug’s baby products only use certified and non-toxic products, including fabrics, zippers, and labels.
    • All the products of Sunday Hug have completed the Self-Regulatory Safety Certification Test conducted by the Certification Examination Institute in Korea.
    • Self-Regulatory Safety Confirmation Application Certificate No.: CB014H419-1001.