Baby Bodysuit - Short Sleeves (Mesh) Details

Sunday Hug Baby Mesh Bodysuit - Short Sleeves

The stretchy and comfortable fit of the Sunday Hug Short-sleeved Mesh Bodysuit makes it a perfect addition to your baby’s wardrobe. It is great to wear when playing, traveling, or just hanging out at home. The soft, comfortable, breathable fabric has good air permeability.


1. Comfortable Freedom of Movement

  • Gentle to the skin and closely fits the body shape. Fits body snuggly without any discomfort.
  • Very convenient to put on and take off.
  • Designed to layer easily under other pieces of clothing.

2. Quick-drying Fabric

  • Advanced moisture management fabric for all day coolness, comfort and support.

3. Snap Buttons

  • Secure hold & comfortable handling!
  • Neck: Simply unbutton for wider opening for dressing & removal
  • Inseam: Quick and easy diaper change without having to remove the whole outfit, preventing your baby from getting cold.

4. Tags Outside

  • Sunday Hug's product tags are all thoughtfully placed outside so they don’t irritate a baby's skin. They’re meant to be cut off as well!

5. Non-toxic products

  • Sunday Hug Baby products only use certified and non-toxic products for fabrics, zippers, and labels.
  • All the products of Sunday Hug have completed the Self-regulatory Safety Certification Test conducted by the Certification Examination Institute in Korea.
  • Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation Application Certificate No.: CB014H419-0004