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How Can I Use a Pacifier to Help My Child?
A pacifier or a dummy is a silicone tool that mimics the shape of a nipple and acts as a soother that satisfies the child's sucking needs. When a baby is around 2 to 4 months old, the question of...
Baby Care: Why Should 4 to 6-Month-old Babies Start Weaning?
Question of the Day I am raising a 6-month-old baby. If they don’t have their first teeth yet, why do I need to feed them baby food? After all, it is said that breast milk or formula is the main...
Baby Growth: Ideal Height and Weight of a 4 to 5-month-old
What should the height and weight of a baby aged 4 to 5 months be? Let's check the status of your child's development together! Standard Values for the Development of a 4-month-old Baby (Refers to the 2017 growth chart for...
Baby Sleep Education: What Should I Do for My Baby Who is Sensitive to Sleep?
Today, for when sleep education doesn't go as planned, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by parents and our answers. What parts of sleep education did the ordinary parents around us struggle with? Question #1: I know...
Baby Sleep Training: What is Sleep Consciousness?
A 'sleep ritual' refers to repeating the same behaviour before putting your child to sleep. If you repeat the same behaviour every time your baby sleeps, a conditioned reflex is created between the behaviour and sleep. For example, if you...
What is a Baby's 'Social Smile'?
One of the characteristics of newborn babies is the appearance of a 'social smile'. Laughter before 2 months of age is usually sullen. It's not a laugh with a specific purpose, but a reflex action. However, after 2 months of...
Parenting Tips: Build a Strong Attachment with Your Baby
If you want to build a secure attachment relationship with your baby, what should you do? Today, we have collected some tips for achieving the stage of secure attachment with children. What is secure attachment? About 65% of children have...
Parenting Tips: What if Stress is a Concern?
1. Life after childbirth will definitely change a lot. There are words to comfort new parents. You only have to suffer for one year. Once you’ve raised them for three years, the child will start to become more independent, and...
What Are the Criteria for Diagnosing Atopic Dermatitis?
If the area around the baby's mouth is red, many parents worry about their child having atopic dermatitis. Today, we're going to talk about the red spots on the baby's face!
Baby Care: How Do I Take Care of My Baby's Mouth?
How can you take care of your baby's mouth before their first teeth arrive? Today we are going to learn how to take care of your baby's mouth before their teeth come through!
Baby Sleep Training is Necessary for Situations Like This!
There are many opinions about whether to do sleep training or not. Some say that sleep education is too artificial, and others say that sleep education is essential for the health of children in a modern society where there is no obvious distinction between day and night.
Are There Reasons Not to Do Sleep Training?
Question of the Day I am reluctant to artificially make my child cry themselves to sleep. Do we really need sleep training? If putting my baby to sleep is not too difficult, can I just keep holding the baby until...
Sleep Education Q & A for 4 to 5-month-old Babies
The principle of sleep education principles is a topic that parents are quite familiar with.By continuously maintaining the 'eat-play-sleep' schedule, the same sleep ritual is repeated. Part of building a strong sleep schedule involves helping your child increase their stomach...
Baby Sleep: How Many Naps Are Normal?
Taking a nap for a baby can be just as difficult for them as getting to sleep at night. In particular, since the number of naps a child takes a day continues to decrease until they are a year old, there can be a lot of confusion about this time of change in sleeping and napping patterns. Today, we have compiled some answers to frequently asked questions about the appropriate number of naps for our babies.
Baby Rash: 4 Ways to Take Care of Inflamed Skin

Question of the Day

My baby's face is red with drool. It is especially severe around the lips and cheeks. They say it gets better if you leave it alone, but it's sad to watch. How should I manage it?

Breastfeeding Question: I Produce Too Much Milk, What Should I Do?

Question of the Day

My problem is that I produce a lot of breast milk. Mothers around me tell me that they wish they had the same problem, so it's difficult to consult with anyone about my concerns. I have too much milk for my baby to easily consume, so I have to wipe or pump it away little by little. Is this the right way to do it?

Postpartum Care: How Do I Prevent Wrist Pain After Childbirth?
One of the most difficult problems for new mothers is wrist pain. Before we had babies, there wasn't a lot of lifting of objects weighing around 2-4 kg. However, after giving birth, you might be always holding and comforting a baby who weighs 2 to 4 kg, often using your wrist and hand strength.
Sleep Training: Does White Noise Really Help Children Sleep?
Parents who encounter white noise for the first time are often surprised. You will encounter noises that sound like those produced by objects such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, or the chirping sound of a radio. It's a far cry from a soft lullaby, but can this noise help your child sleep?
Does Lying Down to Breastfeed Cause Otitis Media?
Many parents hear that if you breastfeed lying down, their child will get otitis media. Does lying down and breastfeeding really give a baby otitis media? Some people around me say that their children do not get otitis media at...
Do You Know What Shaken Baby Syndrome Is?
When raising a newborn baby, you often hear the term 'shaken baby syndrome (whiplash syndrome)'. Shaken baby syndrome, as termed by Dr. John Caffey in 1972, is an injury caused by the vigorous shaking of babies under 2 years of...
Baby Care: Differences in Stool Between Formula-fed Babies and Breastfed Babies
Are you curious about the differences between the stools of formula-fed babies and breastfed babies? Here are the things to look out for!